review: secretsales diesel fresh & brights briefs

Something about me is I love socks and pants. Not in an overly attached freaky sock sniffer monkeyslut weird kid kind of way, but in a "aren't socks BRILLIANT!" kind of way. Getting socks for Christmas is one of the best presents I could ever have. But what's better than just socks and pants? Designer socks and pants. Yes bruv. So I'd like to introduce you to a website where you can get more than just designer socks and pants at high street prices.

This isn't a sponsored review, but if you click the link above it's my referral link, so if you do happen to sign up and find something you like and buy it, I'd get £10 off my next order, so I'd appreciate it if you used that. 

The reason they can offer things and such a reduced cost is explained in their FAQ here:
"To offer you the very best deals we work directly with our suppliers and only order your purchases once a sale closes. This means that it takes a little longer to receive your order, but we are confident our prices are well worth the wait."
I think that's the only "strings attached" to the order, the wait for the postage. Sometimes it takes a couple of days like any normal webshop postage, sometimes it takes longer. Now that's explained, onwards to my purchases!
Instead of £19.00 each, through secretsales each pair was down to £6 (proof). Even on eBay single briefs are going for £13+, so you can see this is a fantastic deal. Postage is £4.95, so if you spread that over the cost of each item, each item is £7.23 - so you are still saving over £11 for it to be delivered directly to you.

Within a few days my order arrived - as many pairs I could snatch up that were still left in a "S". They came in the boxes as you would see in store, packaged perfectly. I still have the boxes as I feel it's a waste to just chuck them out, still not sure what I even intend to do with them...
And finally the pants themselves! I enjoy the colour chart with the pants. Gives me a bit of a "collect em all" feeling. All in all, I can't really give it a star rating but just that I wanted to write about it to recommend it if you haven't yet heard of it.

I shall continue the hunt for more bargains, so I'll just leave you with the referral link once again cos you know. Ten quid and all. Sign up today!

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