iphone app review: battle cats

edit: Just to say I've reached 10/10 invites on Battle Cats so please use someone else's invite code so you can both benefit from it!

Something I've been obsessed with lately is Battle Cats, as you may have noticed from the fact I can't shut up about it on every social media platform I'm on. And I go on about it to pretty much everyone I meet. If you know me in person and don't have Battle Cats yet, you either don't have a way to play it or you are very strong willed.

Battle Cats by Ponos is a "capture the castle" game, I believe that is the term, but it is really just mental fun. And free! Did I mention it is free before? It is free. (PS. free)

Battle Cats
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The more levels you play the more bizarre cats you can unlock. Above you can see the basic starting cat, aptly named "Cat". You also collect "treasure" on each level, and by treasure it ranges from "inferior mango" to "best quality sponge cake". Wow, treasure!

Above is my favourite cat, "Gross Cat". Each level you beat grants you XP to level up your cats, your cat laser and all kinds of things. Unfortunately I soon levelled up and lost him (her?) to his evolution.

Beautiful Legs-Cat. Why Gross Cat, why. You were so beautiful with your long dangly legs. Now you have those beautiful legs instead. I am saddened.

This is the "Cat Base" screen where you can upgrade your cats, equip which cats you want to battle with, look upon your amazing treasures and look up your opponents in the dictionary for what good that does you. Yes, the bottom picture is the dictionary. Yes it is no help. It all adds to the bizarre fun of the game, however.

Going back to the main screen, you can invite friends and input (you can only input ONE) a friend code to receive gifts. If anyone inputs your code they get 10,000xp, and you get a gift. Once you get 10/10 guests you will get Moneko, er, which as you can see I haven't. So if you want to play and add me, I could tell you how great Moneko is. Hint hint.

You know. Just in case you forgot my code. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the cat battle!

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