review: wig care products shampoo + conditioner

Finally, I post! I have a lot of reviews I want to do as I feel they would be of help, er, but here's an easy one to get started. I've been looking for good wig care products for a while for costume wigs, most I have used I would not recommend (other than the one amazing spray from zephyr wigs japan which was a free gift), so finally I'm glad to find something to recommend.

Recently we went to City Hair & Beauty, one of my favourite wig shops here in Birmingham - the benefits of living in a big city! - looking for wigs to use for upcoming costumes/to get an idea of how colours looked irl. We actually found two perfect wigs at really good prices, so I recommend visiting there.
I picked up fibre care (from the brand hairaisers) shampoo & conditioner for synthetic wigs/fibre hairpieces for £2.99 each. I think this is a good price as online it appears to retail for around £7.00 each. The shampoo and conditioner just smells clean and fresh, not too strong or overpowering and not too (my main worry) floral. 

The wig I decided to work on: My 2-D wig used for DoYaThing and Plastic Beach. I was unhappy with this wig from a styling point of view as I was recommended a new, cheaper styling product. After reading many good reviews I tried it against my better judgement and urgh, did not hold at all well and made the wig look sticky and greasy. I wanted to wash that out straight away, and any residue of costume make-up! As you can see, these products worked perfectly. No remains of make-up, no gross cloggy leftover product, and the wig is left soft and shiny and smells fresh and clean!


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