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Today I am writing about this cute ねこにゃん cat Nintendo 3DS XL case (or "3DS LL" case as they are called in Japan) from CYBERGadget, a Japanese gaming goods/accessories manufacturing company. This case is a silicone 3DS XL case with cute cat ears and features. So not only does the case protect the 3DS XL, it also makes it look cute... or makes you look like a crazy cat guy (or lady).

I wanted the black cat CYBERgadget nekonyan Nintendo 3DS XL case.
As you can see I think it goes with my phone case so well too!?

You can see the 3DS XL's camera are the eyes of this cat! How cute!
This also leaves all the sockets etc accessible, so no need to take the case off.

Not only was this packaged in the original sealed packaging and wrapped neatly, there was a cute free gift of cute and tasty Rilakkuma furikake... actually it's so cute we haven't eaten yet, haha!

Of course, it's really difficult to buy this kind of thing from the UK, so many places I looked the price was so inflated and had no idea of the level of service etc so I ordered from eBay and the cheapest/best value price there was Yumi's shop Japanese Goods Essence ! There are lots of cute or "kawaii" goods available in Yumi's shop on eBay. Alternatively if you don't see what you are looking for there, Yumi has opened up a storeenvy and working on her own website too:

And last but not least, Yumi has told me she is setting up her own JAPANESE SHOPPING SERVICE now! Here are the details I have been sent about it.


I ask 2 times of separate payments. First, before purchase, 2nd, after purchase.

1st time------------------------------------
*The amount of your items.

  • Up to -5,000yen---$10.00
  • 5,001-10,000yen---$15.00
  • 10,001-15,000yen---$20.00
  • 15,001-20,000yen---$25.00
  • 20,001-40,000yen---$25.00 + $1.00 per 1,000 yen up
  • 40,001yen- ---$45.00 + $0.50 per 1,000 yen up

*+$2.00 per additional order 
*Shipping within Japan----if free shipping, it will be "0".
(Actual postal charge from seller to my place.)
*Bank fee - A flat $2.00 fee per order (if from the 2 shops, needs x2).

2nd time------------------------------------

*Shipping to your home - Actual postal charge to your home.
*Transaction fee (paypal fee)  - 5% of the total.

As you can see, Yumi will only make the commission on the entire product, which is a lot less percentage than most shopping services charge and no hidden costs, the entire process is as above! If you do partake in the shopping service or buy from Yumi's shops, please say chyphens sent you! Thanks and enjoy!

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