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I hope this link works - I started with Graze again after many many years to get me back in the routine of eating healthy while my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is too bad to let me go out to buy fresh and healthy things every day. With Graze boxes, I get to have lots of different little portions of healthy snacks to try, no need to buy huge packets and then find they go off so quickly or actually they're not as good as I remember...

With my friendcode if you sign up you get a pretty good deal. Usually you get the first box free, right? For some reason with my friendcode you get the FIRST, FIFTH and TENTH boxes totally free, postage is included! An amazing deal, isn't it?

Each box costs £3.99 and you can choose what kind of box you want and how regularly you want it delivered. You can even have holidays booked in so you won't be charged for any wasted or unwanted boxes. You can also deliver to multiple addresses, or book "one off" boxes!

It also has dietary preferences so if like me you cannot eat spicy food, or if you are vegetarian, just go to the dietary preference page and you will be able to remove all the things you can't eat with just one click, saves going through page after page hunting out the items you cannot eat!

Another bonus is if you sign up and then decide it's not for you... just cancel. It's pay-as-you-go, you are only charged per box shipped, not tied into a huge contract like so many other delivery companies. Why not try it? Especially if you're getting in shape for summer conventions - cut out that Pocky, eat healthy, haha!

Thanks for reading!

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