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I think like a lot of people, when clubbing/going out for an occasion, I tend to wear a lot more extravagant things than day to day. I don't really like to be "attention grabby", but I do like to be OTT, so for me, the only "safe" time to dress up like the nutter I am is when lots of other people are dressed up too!

I really enjoy wearing theme outfits with friends, all dressing up on a similar theme or kind of making the outfit around a character of sorts, even if it's purely invented at the time. I guess I just find it a fun break from the norm, and why not.

We (Damien, Finlay and I) went out (aiming to go to Eddie's) as er... shironuri kigurumi. It works well as a phrase, right? We didn't really have all the stuff to do shironuri but it was a fun first try. I think wearing the kigurumi made it even more funny. I wore my Nyanpire kigurumi D got me a couple of Christmases ago (I think the second time I've worn it cos I'm so scared of ruining it...!)

I stole a couple of these photographs from Finlay's blog.
As you can see, getting ready with kittens makes it 10x more difficult...!

A week later, Finlay told us a trad-goth night was on at Eddie's for the first time so we thought LET'S TRY IT. D is a big fan of trad-goth vs newer goth and I have no clue so I backcombed an old wig, wore lots of block and was drunk enough to try putting "Adam and the Ants"-esque tribal markings on my face haha. Unfortunately too drunk to draw in straight lines. D doing the hula? I like how serious faced I am at trying to take the photo.

Unfortunately not many people were having a dance (apart from this bloke that I called a pirate and he got well annoyed about it cos apparently it meant I didn't know good music. I wasn't the one dressed as a pirate though!) so the following text exchange happened while some people who I will not name were having a secret para-para session:

I text this photo of the packed dance floor to D and got this reply

Apparently White Zombie and Tammtien Talkathon Rammstein were playing upstairs!

That Saturday night I was still drunk from Friday (I am such a lightweight, it's great) and decided to dress up as I have no idea... a prince of gay perhaps?

I hate how my astigmatism really shows up and gives me derp eyes in lenses haha!

Outfit Rundown
Horns: Grand-Young @ Taobao
Wig: Grand-Young @ Taobao
Necklace/headpiece: Primark
Collar tips: eBay
Shirt: Primark
Faux fur scarf: H&M (pinned to waistcoat)
Waistcoat: Primark
Trousers: ??? From D
Boots: Second hand

It is fun to try and create extravagant outfits from many little bits and pieces! Have you ever surprised yourself with an outfit combination that worked better than expected? Thanks for looking!

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