review: lost mannequin sid rucksack

Recently Lost Mannequin had a sale on to celebrate hitting a certain amount of page likes, and since I've had my eye on their Black Winged Sid Backpack but could never justify it to myself with university costs etc, I jumped at the chance to get it! I actually received this item in 9 days from payment and I am located in the UK. How fast is that!?

It arrived in time for me to take it to Kitacon (an anime/cosplay convention here in the UK), and it comfortably fit all this inside:
  • MacBook Pro 13" in its case and charger
  • iPhone and charger
  • Camera and charger
  • Nintendo 3DS XL and charger
  • 2 Cosplay Make-Up Bags
  • 2 Boxes of Coscards
  • Sewing kit 
  • Bag of medication
  • Headphones
  • Wallet
  • Keys (Has a clip to hang keys from inside!)
So much space inside really, and so many individual pockets with secure fastenings. Some people said they found a smell when opening the packaging so I was prepared to air it out for days but... didn't notice anything like this whatsoever! It was completely ready to use and I was so grateful for it arriving in time as it stored so much and the straps are so comfortable and hard wearing as padded and adjustable!

It really feels a worthy investment and I'm so glad I bought this. Now my greedy eyes are tempted looking at some of their other stock... hmm...

Thanks for reading!

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